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Roof survey drone mesurments

Are you looking for a roof surveying service for your old or damaged roof?  Perhaps you just want surveyance done as part of your roof management schedule.  However, is your roof awkward or dangerous to access, maybe even completely inaccessible?

Now, thanks to modern technology, we are able to survey these types of roofs using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or Drones. Aerial Drone Roof Surveys are becoming more and more common and are now even the preferred method for surveying roofs of both commercial, industrial and domestic buildings.

Why Drones


UAV Roof Surveying allows us to access roof areas faster and thanks to the live high definition video feed we can identify minor or major problems quicker than ever before, saving you time and money. Drone Roof Surveying is not only quicker than conventional roof surveying methods, it's also much safer for your Contractors.   Eliminates the need to climb onto the roof until the work needs to be carried out.


The Drones we use for our aerial roof surveying are completely licensed for flying around built-up areas, allowing us to carry out surveys in London and the South of England . Furthermore, we only use trained operators to control the Drone ensuring that the entire process is completely safe.


Drone Roof Surveying allows us to inspect your roof at a lower cost with much lower risk and in some cases, thanks to the recorded high-definition video footage, we receive better information that can be reviewed time and time again. The result is a much more detailed roofing survey than conventional methods.


 Drone Roof Surveying is sometimes the only method that can be used to inspect your roof. Or, as is often the case with older listed buildings one that is completely inaccessible, obstructed or hidden, even with the use of ladders and scaffolding.


Our Drone Pilots and Roofing Surveyors work closely together to get the entire picture of your roof's structure and maintenance requirements. The Drones themselves relay HD video footage, which can be assessed in detail from the safety of the ground and will perform well in adverse weather conditions.  Furthermore, the Drones we use have been designed with aerial surveys in mind and can be accurately controlled to pinpoint any area on your roof’s surface, enabling us to carry out a comprehensive analysis which is relayed to you the Client or Contractor.


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