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                 DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY


By J Flemming 

We are specialists in Aerial Drone Photography for a variety of sectors, such as: sports and events, public and private construction, ancient buildings and cutting edge architecture, archaeology, aerial photography aerial mapping, aerial survey, drone survey, industrial and structural inspections, and any client in need of professional, high resolution aerial photography.


Our drones fly up to 400 feet to take the exact aerial picture you are looking for.


By John D Fielding 

Park Place .John Fielding
Thermal Surveys Leak Detection Oxford


Thermal inspection consists of Thermography or thermal imaging which is the study of heat distribution. This allows you to visually detect faults or losses, which may otherwise go undetected. By catching faults early you can prevent problems from developing into serious issues . A UAV or drone mounted camera for thermal imaging is used in a large variety of thermal inspections

Area Mapping 3D Mapping



3D Mapping 

Thanks to great accuracy in drones navigation systems, computing performance and onboard photographic sensors, aerial photogrammetry by drone is highly performant and allows for precision drone mapping, whatever the size of the terrain. Cheaper than using manned aircraft, drone mapping provide professional grade aerial surveys and inspections, enabling precision measurement of distances, surface areas and volumes, as well as centimetre detailed imaging. Drone mapping also allows to easily create 3D models that can be rotated over 360 degrees on all axis to achieve a unique point of view of the photographed buildings, artwork, structures, quarries, bridges, roads etc.

Roof Mapping Measuring Area




Getting detailed and accurate rooftop measurements is important for a variety of applications. Perhaps you work for a construction firm. You may need detailed diagrams of the roof with accurate measurements of the ridges, valleys, hips, eaves, and a clear visual understanding of where vent pipes and chimneys are located on the roof. 

You could also be performing a rooftop inspection and need to properly assess a damaged area for an accurate estimate for repair. Or perhaps you need to calculate the area of your roof to estimate the cost of getting it re-shingled.

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